Nature Center Volunteers …

Eagle Creek Park Volunteer Opportunity Descriptions

 There are exceptions, but most volunteer jobs are performed during the Nature Center hours of Monday through Saturday 9am – 5pm and Sunday 1pm – 5pm.  As a valued member of our Eagle Creek Park Volunteer Community, you will be providing an essential link to our vision of educating and inspiring our community to actively participating with our natural environment.  

Bulletin Boards        

Work individually or possibly pair up; hours your choice; monthly or seasonal opportunities available.

Brush up on your artistic talents by updating our bulletin boards to educate and inspire our community.  


Work individually, hours your choice, regular or on-occasion opportunities available.

An opportunity to utilize your clerical / computer skills to help maintain our programs here at the park. 


Work individually or in groups, hours your choice, optional monthly planning meetings throughout the cooler seasons, longer hours for planting in April and May, summer maintenance.

Help to beautify our park by maintaining an assigned garden area, from planting to mulching to weeding to end of the season clean up.   


Work individually or in groups, hours your choice.

For the historical enthusiast, this park has a colorful history presently in scattered format.  We are looking for someone with attention to detail, persistence and the vision to see this project into the future. 

Inside Maintenance

 Best for those who are self-directed, usually work individually, though occasionally in groups, only available during Nature Center hours on a regular weekly or biweekly basis.

There are varying small odds and ends type jobs such as cleaning or organizing that you will become familiar with as you spend time here at the Nature Center on a regular basis.  This helps free up the naturalists to spend more time with visitors. 

Outside Maintenance

Work individually or in groups, hours often scheduled.

If you enjoy working outside, these projects range from pond maintenance, to deck staining to small construction projects. 

Park Monitor

Work individually or in groups as “another pair of eyes” monitoring safety
issues along the trails and throughout the park.   

Pontoon / Canoe Maintenance

Work individually or in groups at the park marina.

This is a new opportunity that we anticipate a need for in 2003, details to follow. 

Public Programs

Work individually, during Nature Center hours, bi-weekly minimum commitment of 2 hours.

This is a new opportunity that could be available weekdays and weekends in which a volunteer would staff a particular presentation kit prepared by the naturalists to visitors. 


Work individually, possibly off-site, any hours, regular or single project opportunities.

There are numerous activities that occur here at the park, such as Foundation events, Nature Center updates, art shows and our volunteer opportunities that should be communicated more effectively.  Open to your skills and suggestions. 


Work in Nature Center office during regular hours.

Help the naturalists answer phones, greet visitors, schedule programs. 

School Programs

Work individually, during weekday hours of 9am-3pm, sign up to serve as a nature guide based on your training and scheduled class availability.

Generally, naturalists give a 30-45 minute presentation, groups are divided, led through the park by a volunteer nature guide who helps the youth apply what they heard to the natural environment here at Eagle Creek Park.  

Special Events / Art Shows

Work individually, during art show hours, five times per year.

We have a need for organizers, clerical help with mailings, greeters to staff the shows and home-made cooking. 

Trail Monitor

Work individually, weekly during park hours.

Our trail monitors are asked to hike their assigned portion of trail weekly, picking up garbage and notifying us of any problems with the trail. 


Work in Nature Center during regular hours.

Help the naturalists answer phones, greet visitors, schedule programs,  or potentially present public programs. 

Eagle Creek Park Foundation Events 

Golf Tournament

Held on a weekday in July.

Volunteers help with check-in, as par 3 monitors, serving beverages and with contests. 

Fishing Derby

Held on a Saturday in June.

We need registrars, and lots of passionate fisherpersons sharing their enthusiasm for fishing and the outdoors to the youth. 


Gather as a group one weekday morning four times a year.

Fold and stamp to assemble the Foundation newsletter. 


Held on a Saturday in September.

Volunteers help with check-in, as trail guides, serving water and snacks to the race participants. 

For more information and to participate with this vibrant group of volunteers contact … 

[email protected]    or call 327-0101.